About Us

The Sports Fans Conference was created to provide an environment for like minded fans of both college and professional sports. Fans of all genres from around the world come together for entertaining events, informative workshops, inter-active exhibits, tailgating cook off, car show competition and the only award recognition event specifically created to honor devoted fans.

The Sports Fans Conference was launched Labor Day Weekend in Orlando Florida 2013. The event celebrates passionate sports fans and provides an environment that stimulates fellowship among all fans! Its the Worlds first and only conference specifically produced to encourage positive interaction... Respect and I nclusiveness among devoted fans typically divided by a strong affinity for their selected sport and team, this event allows fans to share their common interest in a neutral and inviting environment. Its an interactive, informative, networking fun event!

This year the event will be held in Los Angeles California. Fans from around the Globe will come together to celebrate their passion during the Sports Fan Conference presented by What A Fan. American sports fans have been the foundation of sports going back as long as the games have been played. The success of the sports industry, it’s Major League Teams, Universities, Players and the Networks that cover them have grown largely because of the contributions of passionate fans!

Come experience the worlds only Sports Fans Conference. Enjoy the exhibitors, celebrity athlete signings, popular tailgating games, super fans cars show and informative fan related workshops. The highlight of the weekend is the only Award Show honoring sports fans, What A Fan Awards!

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