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The Sports Fans Conference has become a great event to connect fans from around the world that share a common bond of passion for sports. Although the sport and teams they select are different, they have more similar interest then not. It’s a blend of fanaticism, shared ideas on tailgating tips and community service.  We have joined forces with sports organizations like the Flag Football World Championship Tour and Sports Prss.  The event has expanded the activities available for attendee’s, it is our mission to create an event fans will add to their calendars as a must not miss! We believe the friendships formed and emotional connections with fellow fans will help us realize that goal. The event is designed to promote respect and inclusiveness among sports fans of all genres. It’s also the perfect environment for exhibitors to connect with fans of every sport.


Over the last three years we have come to realize our network of fans around the world have a powerful presence in each of their respective communities. The outreach of positive action and community service is a massive movement we have implemented among our compassionate fan base. Each year we invite several youth organizations to participate (at no cost) at the Sports Fans Conference. We connect attending fans interested in becoming more active with charitable programs, to get involved and return to their homes with a higher purpose. We encourage the What A Fan Awards Nominee’s to use their platform to be more vocal about issues concerning us all, as well as raising awareness for specific causes we champion. There is no greater gift then the gift of giving. Fans have and continue to make an impact on the sports industry. Through our efforts to connect fans around the world we’re confident together we’ll bring positive change to our communities.


Our greatest challenge has been incorporating activities that will be appealing to a vast variety of attending sports fans and keep their interest year after year. We have listened to feedback we’ve received over the years and believe we’ve found a formula that fans and families will enjoy. We know fans love the be entertained and participate in fun activities. They want to meet athletes and celebrities they admire, enjoy good food and connect with new friends. We have included all that and more. The list of activities attending fans we’ll enjoy include; competitive softball games between fan clubs, Knockerball soccer tournaments, flag football for those physically gifted fans. For fans a little more laid back enjoy the car show or the tailgate cook-off competition and interesting exhibits and merchandise displays. Their will be food and beverages available, live music and entertainment.

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What A Fan and our annual Sports Fans Conference is proud to salute the men and woman of our countries armed forces. We a privileged with freedom fought and died for by these selfless heroes. So we are committed to honoring these brave souls every year and most of all we hope all the compassionate sports fans attending year after year will follow suit. God Bless our troops.

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